Previously referred to as ‘direct care’, concierge medicine is not a brand new term. It emerged during another era, when doctors used to prioritise treating their patients, visiting them at home and being available to them as and when they were needed. During this time, doctors were wholly responsible for the well-being of those under their local care. Nowadays, there is a multi-levelled culture of GPs, specialists, hospital care and A+E facilities. However, through the variation of these provisions, we’ve missed out on the real objective of medicine: to build strong relationships with patients in order to ensure their health. 

Nowadays, concierge medicine has evolved into a separate area of medicine. Concierge physicians benefit from the separation, because they have more time available to spend on each patient, ensuring all their issues are fully dealt with before they leave the office. Patients appreciate it too, as they enjoy the value-added services in addition to their regular care, as so have the impression of being a real patient rather than just a name on at chart. Concierge medicine improves the doctor-patient relationship by putting patients’ health back into their own hands. They have the opportunities to ask questions, get answers, and tailor a plan for a healthy lifestyle.

I am aware of the difficulty people face in obtaining quality medical care in an increasingly complex and impersonal healthcare system.

As your local personal doctor in London, I have a genuine interest in your well-being. I will not only personally provide you with the best medical care possible, but will also strengthen your medical care by coordinating with specialists across the city.

As a concierge doctor, I provide patients with the best medical care whenever it is required, 24 hours a day. There will always be a recognisable face at hand, with your best interests at heart, when you have to face medical issues. In other words, I am more than just your local practitioner; I am your helping hand across the vast medical landscape, continually making sure you receive the best care possible.

 Concierge services puts you in the driving seat; appointments are booked according to your schedule rather than the G.P.’s. Same day consultations adapt to your busy lifestyle, and you will appreciate this difference immediately.

As a Concierge physician, I have the time to spend exploring any unknown potential issues with your health, in a friendly and comfortable manner, giving you my full attention.

"It is simply not possible to give excellent care to patients in a quick, easy or offhand fashion ... Time personally spent with the patient is the most essential ingredient of excellence in clinical practice. There are simply no shortcuts and no substitutions." The Art of Healing,  Philip Tumulty, MD

My job is to help people recover from illnesses while employing not only traditional but also alternative methods of treatment. Over the years, such approach proved to be the most functional.

Dr. Sam Nabli

Providing solutions to complex medical problems!