Appointments can be made from Monday to Saturday, 9am  to 5:30pm.
Emergency appointments are available if needed and we are flexible to your needs.

Visiting patients at home allows me to gain a deeper understanding of their lives. 

All my patients have direct access to me by phone, and are welcome to contact me with any health-related questions or concerns. 

The challenge of treating patients of all ages and all medical problems is rewarding and means I continue to be passionate about practicing medicine, learning form experience with patients every day. 

A combination of daily physical exercise, a balanced diet, minimal alcohol use and no tobacco consumption are the basic requirements for illness prevention.

Howvever, regardless of your how healthy your lifestyle is, what you inherit genetically may predispose you to certain conditions.

Yearly full health check-ups are available to all adults and children, including comprehensive assessments of patients’ physical and emotional well-being. These involve relevant medical analyses, health reports and any follow-up treatment.

If a condition has been identified within your family historically or at abnormally low ages, you could be required to submit to screening tests earlier or more frequently than stipulated below.

Condition How we screen for it
Hypertension Blood pressure taken every time you visit
High cholesterol Blood testing during fasting
Diabetes Blood testing during fasting
Osteoporosis Bone density scan, usually for 65+ year olds
Breast cancer Breast screening at annual check-up
Mammogram annually after age 40-50
Cervical cancer Pap smear every 1-3 years
Colon cancer Colonoscopy after age 50
Prostate cancer PSA blood test and prostate exam after age 50
Skin cancer Skin exam at annual check-up


Several conditions are not common enough to justify screening for all, but should be applied to people or families at high risk:

Abdominal aortic aneurysm Ultrasound in men aged 65-75
Lung cancer CT scan of lungs if you are 55-75 years old, have smoked heavily, and have smoked over the past 15 years.

Rapid referrals can be organised with leading London specialists in both mainstream and complementary medicine. Referral appointments for further diagnosis and treatment are possible at very short notice

Allergy is a reaction by our immune system to exposure  to certain substances, called allergens.

There is a variety of allergies, from specific food intolerances, pollen allergies and allergic conjunctivitis, to life-threatening anaphylaxis.

Around 30% of people experience some type of allergy some time in their lives. One in 7 people suffer from hay fever, and more than 1 in 6 children have skin conditions linked with allergies, such as eczema. Also, asthma is very common in children, affecting more than 15% of all children. Food allergies, especially to peanuts, eggs, shellfish, wheat, milk, seeds, fruits, etc., are, becoming more common, as well as insect allergies like bee, hornet, or wasp stings. 

A very serious food intolerance is allergy to gluten, which is contained in wheat, causing coeliac disease with severe gastrointestinal symptoms, as well as dermatitis herpetiformis. Avoiding gluten will resolve both.

Many people are also allergic to medicines, like antibiotics (penicillin), which may lead to problems when treating patients.

Very useful tests exist to detect allergies, including blood tests, which can could test for hundreds of different allergens like foods, inhalants or insects.   

We offer a specific eczema provoking profile, with a food profile, nut and seeds profile, a cereal profile, shellfish and fish profiles, etc.Test results are usually available within 48 hours. 

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, it is important to take the right advice ahead of going abroad, to make your trip a successful and healthy one. We can organise and refer immunisations.